Awkward Kisses!

Most girls' first kiss is a disaster. Don't worry you're not alone. And it becomes real good when you leave all your worries and just go with how you feel. You'll be surprise it will happen smoothly. hmmm...Just a tip, don't expect or anticipate too much or plan will not come out good. A good kiss will happen in a most unexpected time and at the right moment. Collection Of 20th The Most Awkward Kisses, This Photos Are Very Naughty.

We both clashed and it wasn't as nice as it felt. but the one i had wasn't. i just feel very awkward right now, what should i do? My boyfriend and i had our first proper kiss and it didn't feel right. but now i feel very awkward about this situation. He seems to not think it was awkward and is all good with it. i thought a kiss would be something nice and enjoyable.


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