Beauty Tips (Article)

A beautiful face is always the centre of attraction. Beauty exudes immense self-confidence. It's a misconception that the beauty is god gifted. Some of us are bestowed with the angelic beauty of Helen of Troy. The mastery lies in highlighting your features and enhancing it and the secret is enfolded within a beauty care regime.

It is not a very difficult task to retain the beauty you possess. It is not that every time you will just find out a beauty flaw in you and will go for an elaborate beauty treatment. Only following a regular beauty care itinerary decked with some home remedies and constantly getting yourself acquainted with different beauty tips will help you to keep yourself spotlessly beautiful.

Smooth shining skin, rubicund lips, beautiful hues and attractive hands and legs are some important aspects of your beauty that contribute to the entire grooming. The craze to go to the beauty salon and look beautiful has caught up on a high note. The trend is evident with the shooting up of a number of beauty parlors. There are various beauty care sources like beauty schools, beauty brands, beauty products and skin care consultants offering beauty care tips on age defying secrets, glowing skin, beauty foods, skin care, lovely legs, nail care, acne, face care, hair care and much more for beautiful girls and women.

Natural Beauty Care :-

Look a little closer and you will find that there are many such agents lying around at home which you can use to beautify yourself and it is not always necessary to run to a salon to get that perfect look for the evening. There are many homemade beauty secrets which have been passed down from generation to generation. Some very handy beauty care procedures and ingredients are:

* Turmeric, orange peel and milk when made into a mixture can be essentially beneficial for
your skin. It helps to clean as well as give the skin a natural glowing look.
* Aromatherapy oils are essentially good for you. Oils like lemon, rose and lavender are very
good and you can use the oils for massages, during baths or as a room flavoring agent.
* Use a loofah during bath, and use a pumice stone to scrub your heels, knees and elbows.
* Although the smell might be horrifying for you but eggs can act as great nourishment for your

Ayurvedic Beauty Care :-

Ayurvedic Beauty Care regimen contains the rich extracts of different flowers, herbs or vegetables which are easily available and has some medicinal value. These Ayurvedic items can be very beneficial for you especially when they are clubbed together with yoga, and exercise.

* Parsley or Cardamom leaves are good cure to bad breath troubles.
* Every night for 10-15 minutes a paste of clean fenugreek leaves can be applied which can act
as good prevention for pimples and acne.
* A paste of turmeric and neem leaves can be applied for your problems regarding acne.

Hair Beauty Care :-

Hair is an integral part of a woman's beauty which can make or mar ones entire appearance. So if you want to keep those heads turning to check out your long tresses another time, then you need to take care of them. Good hair is reflective of good health so eating right is very essential.

* Hot oil treatments are good for your hair.
* Curd is an effective agent for curing dandruff and acting as a natural moisturizer.
* Washing the hair at regular intervals is good when one uses an herbal shampoo which is very

Skin Beauty Care :-

A glowing skin is a woman's proud possession. But to achieve that you need to make some effort and go an extra mile. Beauty is skin deep you need to detoxify your system regularly so that the radiance and glow is sustained. An anti-aging cream or may be a cool lotion for your dry skin or a facial scrub can be made at home to treat your skin to give it a healthy and supple look.

* Conditioning, moisturizing and toning are essentially the secrets to take care of your skin.
Choose your products wisely and always skin test it.
* Exfoliate to keep the dead cells away.
* Do not use soap when you wash your face daily. Opt for a natural cleansing agent.
* Sunscreen is a must when you want to protect your skin from getting burnt and tanned.

Beauty Care Tips :-

There are a number of beauty treatments for skin care, body beauty and facial beauty. Beauty consultants are the ones who act as beauty sources providing valuable tips on skin care and beauty products that best suit your skin. With various beauty care and skin care products including creams, lotions, hair gels available in the cosmetic shops; the ticket to looking good comes handy by spending just a few bucks. Some of the very effective beauty tips which would come in handy are as follows:

* Freshly ground apricot mixed with fresh cream twice a week act as an excellent exfoliating
* Mix glycerin, little lime juice and Rose water and apply on face during bedtime before you
sleep. It cleans the impurities from your face and prevents blemishes, pimples, and
* Application of mix of almond and castor oils every night before going to bed will gift you with
soft and smooth lips and also prevents pigmentation of lips.
* For puffy eyes syndrome and dark circle, one can use mixture of coconut oil and castor oil.
Massage it very gently around the area with the ring finger until the oil gets absorbed.
* A mixture of honey with cream applied on the wet ends of the hair and not to the roots act as
great conditioning agent. Leave it for 5 minutes and wash off. The hair will really turn out to
be smooth and soft.
* An excellent scrub can be prepared at home by means of coarse sea salt, almond oil, lavender
essential oil and water .Mix the entire ingredients well. Massage it on your feet and hands well.
Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with water.
* Using vinegar as a last rinse to your hair can be very good. This will attribute the dull hair with
a mesmerizing charm.


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