Enjoying Cushions Battle (22 Photos)

Wow Amazing Game Cushions Battles! The current observed record holder for the world's largest pillow fight is the University at Albany, in Albany, New York, which was set on April 17, 2005 with 3,648 participants.

Then each player starts to attack the other player with the pillow, trying to avoid being smacked by a player in the head. In a pillow fight players can split up into teams or just fend for themselves. Pillow fights are a game played to let out energy and rage in a mostly harmless way.

Overall the game is just senseless fun and is not played for a prize but for its entertainment value. This game takes more skill than one would think. Trying to attack their opponent while trying to defend themselves from the crashing blows of the opponents pillow. The game ends when all the players are tired or the players just decide to surrender, or someone cheats by taking all of the pillows, or if one has knocked to the floor and one is to win.

Most often, this type of match is booked as a Lingerie Pillow Fight, in which the women "compete" in lingerie and little or no actual wrestling takes place. It is also one of the match types among women wrestlers called Divas in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

A useful technique in a pillow fight is to bundle the nibs. In earlier eras, pillows would often break, shedding feathers throughout a room. Modern pillows tend to be stronger and are often filled with a solid block of artificial filling, so breakage occurs far less frequently.

Many times pillow fights occur during children's sleepovers. Since pillows are soft, injuries rarely occur. The heft of a pillow can still knock a young person off balance, especially on a soft surface such as a bed, which is a common venue.

Then each player either starts off with a pillow or has to find the pillows hidden throughout the house. They usually aim for the legs and stomach area. In this game there is no winner. It's Really Interesting Game. So Must Play This Game.


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