Top 10 : Reasons Why You Should Use The Windows7

Windows 7 is a simple, fast and attractive. A better way to find and manage files, such as the Jump Lists, and enhanced views of the taskbar, help you to quickly perform everyday tasks. Windows 7 is designed for faster and more reliable performance, the computer to operate normally as you want. With support for 64-bit computers, you can take full advantage of the latest powerful computers. Great features such as HomeGroup, Windows Media Center and Windows Touch allowing new things. Get familiar with Windows 7 and determine how it can streamline almost everything you do on your computer.

1.Better Desktop

Windows 7 lets you work on your computer faster than ever. Taskbar has larger buttons and previews a full size – programs you can attach it to gain access to them with one click. Jump Lists provide shortcuts to files, folders and Web sites. A function Pin, Peek, Shake provides you with a simple (and fun) ways to use all those open windows.

2.Smarter Search

Type the word in the search “Start” menu and you will see results, grouped by category – documents, images, music, email and applications.Search folder or library and you can fine-tune your search by using filters such as date or file type – and use the preview pane to cast a quick glance at the content found.

3. Easily Share Files Using The Home Group

File and printer sharing on your home network should be simple. With HomeGroup, it finally is. Connect multiple computers running Windows 7 and effortlessly start sharing music, images, videos and documents with others in your home.

4.Built For Speed

Windows 7 is the most important performance enhancements that take up less memory and powered services in the background only when you need them. It is designed to run programs faster and faster goes to sleep and continue their work, and to quickly re-connecting to wireless networks.With 64-bit support, you can take advantage of the latest 64-bit computers.

5. Better Wireless Networking

Connecting to wireless networks in your laptop computer – which is sometimes a problem before – now includes only a few mouse clicks. At the taskbar, select one from the list of available networks, click on it and connect. Mail to connect to a network, Windows will remember, so that later you can automatically connect.

6.Windows Touch

Use your fingers to browse the Web, navigate through the images and open files and folders on your computer with a touchscreen-windows for the first time the right technology includes multiple contacts. With the movement of the zoom, rotate, even right click, it’s a whole new way of working with a computer.

7.Excellent Operation Of The Devices

Stage device, new features in Windows 7 functions as a home page for things such as music players, smart phones and printers. When a compatible device to your PC, you’ll see a menu of information and popular tasks such as battery life, number of images ready for download and printing options.

8.Streaming Media

With the new features in Windows Media Player 12, you can enjoy your media library at home – or in the city. Play function allows the flow of music, videos and photos from your PC to the stereo or TV (you may require additional hardware). With Remote Media Streaming function, you can send a flow of media over the Internet from a computer running Windows 7 on a second, which is thousands of miles away.

9.Personalize Your Computer

Windows 7 helps you to express yourself with custom themes, desktop background, desktop slide show and much more. New downloads are available in the gallery of personalization, so you can take the fun additions to your computer if a personal touch.

10.Notice, Without Markings

Action Center, new in Windows 7, giving you control over maintenance and safety messages. Notices for things such as Windows Defender ilikontrola user account you can turn on or off. If Windows requires your attention, you’ll notice on the far right of the taskbar. Click it and you will see the proposed solutions to all problems.

Not all of the above features are available in all editions of Windows 7.

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